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DDoptics binocular Pirschler 8x45 Gen3 | green

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Product information "DDoptics binocular | Pirschler 8x45 | Gen3 | green"
  • green armor
  • metal eyepieces & eyecups
  • metal focusing wheel and separate diopter
  • eyecups with clear grid steps
  • best grip design concept for slip resistance
  • comes with binocular case, Niggeloh carrying strap and protective caps for lens and eyepiece

The new, ultra-bright and indestructible night and hunting binoculars Pirschler 8x45 Abbe-König / magnesium
Is the long-awaited smaller "stalking version" of the Pirschler night glass. The main focus of this stalking binocular, however, is not only the reduction in size and weight, but also its usability as a night-time hunting binoculars. For this reason, Abbe-König prisms were also installed in the new stalking binoculars and a lens diameter of more than (normally 42 mm) was selected. The larger lens, in combination with Abbe-König prisms and high-quality multi-layer coating, means that the binoculars are significantly brighter than those with a 42 mm lens diameter.

Stability and robustness of the binoculars
Thanks to the latest materials and manufacturing techniques, the optics are indestructible, lightweight and extremely easy to handle. This means that the "Pirschler" 8x-10x45 binoculars are not only suitable for every area of ​​application, but are also ideal for children's and women's hands.

There is not an ounce of plastic on the new “Pirschler” binoculars (apart from the protective tripod cap and armouring), neither on the body itself nor on wearing parts. The body and bridge are made from an ultra-hard but extremely light aircraft-grade magnesium alloy, making the binoculars virtually unbreakable. The diopter (adjustment range +/-4) is no longer on the focusing wheel due to the better functionality, but on the right eyepiece. All these operating elements - diopter, eyepiece, focusing wheel - are made of duralumin and are therefore a guarantee for great long-term use. This makes gripping and holding these compact binoculars with one hand pleasantly comfortable and safe, even when wearing gloves.

Convenient operation ensures untroubled nature observation
The "Pirschler" binoculars sit comfortably in the hand thanks to their sophisticated ergonomic design. A so-called "Best Grip" reinforcement on the outside of the binoculars prevents your hands from slipping. One-handed gripping, safe and steady holding is pleasant and comfortable even with gloves thanks to the open bridge with its ergonomic grip. The diopter (adjustment range +/-4) is located on the right eyepiece and, like all controls, is made of durable duralumin. The "Raindefender Nano" coating ensures a water-repellent lotus effect, the binoculars are completely waterproof. The eyepieces can be turned in or out in 3 positions for the perfect eye relief. This means that even people who wear glasses can use the wide field of view (135 m) without restriction. The adjustment works hard and without any play.

Also suitable for people who wear glasses
The metal eyecups, which can be turned in and out in 3 positions, ensure perfect eye relief. The adjustment is hard, solid and works absolutely without any play. The significantly improved quality of the eyecup mechanism compared to the previous model can be felt through an appropriate haptic resistance and through the clearly defined detent of the intermediate stages (no rattling, no play, no accidental adjustment). On the other hand, the "Pirschler" binoculars are characterized by a greater distance between the exit pupils (20 mm) than other binoculars in this class.

The Pirschler binocular for the night

Smart Focus 50m to infinity

The Smart Focus is advantageous in twilight or at night. With this technique, refocusing is largely eliminated with the Pirschler 8x45. After focusing on an object around 100 m away, the eye adjusts itself automatically within a distance range of 50 m to infinity without constant refocusing. Setting the 50m-infinity function. To set the function, the tactile line marking on the focusing wheel is turned "up".

The Pirschler binocular for the hide

Brilliant binocular optics

The new CT glass with complex DDlucid coating and high-quality Abbe-König prisms make observing with the Pirschler 8x45 binoculars pure viewing pleasure. The user is offered extremely high light transmission and image brightness for high-contrast and brilliant image reproduction with razor-sharp contours. The dispersion is very low. The "Raindefender Nano" coating ensures a water-repellent lotus effect, the binoculars themselves are completely waterproof up to 1 m in warm or cold water.

Light transmission curve of the Pirschler 8x45 binoculars

Light transmission

What you expect from binoculars for night hunting is, above all, light. Light and power, ....that the Pirschler 8x45 simply delivers. The main focus is not even on the peak value of 95%, but rather on the range of 45 0nm - 500 nm. Everything that is visible to the human eye takes place here at night. Here, a good night glass must be convincing for as long as possible and thus maintain a value of over 90% for as long as possible. And these binoculars do that with flying colors.

Enlargement: 8x
Weight in grams: 950
Interpupillary distance: 57-75
Type of optics: Binoculars
Lens diameter in mm: 45
Exit pupil in mm: 5,78
Field of view at 1000 m (in m): 135
Angle of view in degrees: 7,7
Eyecups: TwistUp metal
Prism type: Abbe König
Prism mirroring: Phase Coating
Lens compensation: DDlucid
Raindefender: RNP hardened and tempered
Housing material: Magnesium
Housing reinforcement: Rubber
Interpupillary distance in mm: 20
Spectacle wearers eyepiece: yes
Close focus from (in m): 2,5
Diopter adjustment: to the right
Diopter adjustment: +4 to -4
Luminous intensity: 31,64
Twilight number: 18,97
Nitrogen filling: yes
Waterproof (depth in m): 1
Dimensions h / w / d in mm: 172x140x55

Evaluations 5

Customer evaluation for "DDoptics binocular | Pirschler 8x45 | Gen3 | green"
23 Dec 2020

Ein echtes Spitzengerät

Ich bin gerne in der Natur, zu Fuß oder mit dem Rad, unterwegs. Mit dem Pirschler 8x45 habe ich hier meinen idealen Begleiter gefunden. Es passt super bei meinen
Erkundungen, ist schön handlich und ein tolles klares Bild. Ich bin begeistert .
Von mir eine ganz klare Empfehlung für dieses Fernglas

10 Dec 2020

Ich bin total Begeistert

Ich habe einen neuen Begleiter, bei meinen Radtouren und Wanderungen.
Ein super tolles Fernglas, scharfes und schönes helles Bild. Von mir eine
ganz klare Kaufempfehlung. Wer einmal durchgeschaut hat, wird es bestätigen

9 Dec 2020


Hallo ??‍♂️
Ich habe seit November dieses tolle Fernglas und bin absolut begeistert. Es hat ein
super klares und helles Bild und eine sehr gute Verarbeitung. Bei meinen Ausflügen (Wandern Naturbeobachtung) mein zuverlässiger Begleiter. . Von mir gibt es eine klare Empfehlung.

16 Jun 2020

ein sehr gutes Fernglas - überraschend hell in der Nacht

ein sehr gutes Fernglas - überraschend hell in der Nacht

7 Nov 2018

Leicht, kompakt und heller als gedacht ...überglücklich

Endlich gibt es das Pirschler auch in klein...
Die grossen 8x56 Pirschler Klopper sind einfach zu schwer für mich als Bergjäger. Aufgrund der Helligkeit der Pirschler Ferngläser, habe ich dann doch bisher das 8x56 immer wieder mit rausgenommen.
Als das 8x45 nun endlich,nach langer Verzögerung nun doch noch fertig geworden ist musste ich zuschlagen.
Nachdem ich es nunmehr eine Weile nutze, kann ich sagen, dass sich das Warten gelohnt hat, denn dieses kleine Ding ist unglaublich,... fast genauso hell wie mein 8x56 Pirschler.... und das Sehfeld ist sogar noch ein wenig größer geworden. Auflösung und Bild sind absolut brillant, bis in den Randbereich.
Der Zubehör ist wie immer sogar hochwertiger als von manchem Premiumhersteller. Nur die schwarze Verpackung gefällt nicht ganz so gut.... aber das ist ja auch Nebensache.

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