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DDoptics rifle scope Nighteagle V8 2.5-20x56 NFX Supershort | A4N | MRAD

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Product information "DDoptics rifle scope | Nighteagle V8 2.5-20x56 NFX | Supershort | A4N | MRAD"
  • Combination of the advantages of the DDMP and the NFX series
  • FX = more field of view & better insight (up to 16m)
  • less peripheral area in view
  • Reticle adjustment with larger metal turrets
  • CT (Clear Transmission) glass (low dispersion)
  • Extremely low scattered light values ​​(few backlight problems)
  • double scaling (doubleturn)
  • Zero stop for ASV (zero stop)
  • hard, tactical 0.1 MRAD click detent (1cm/click)
  • Adjustment range: 300 clicks = 3.0 m at 100 m = 30 Mrad = 100 MOA
  • New design of the magnification adjustment ring with quick adjustment lever
  • New reticle 4 (A4N) with significantly finer bars
  • Accessories: 1x flip caps, cleaning cloth, DDoptics chip, targets, target optics instructions, ballistics set

DDoptics Nighteagle V8 DDoptics 2.5-20x56 NFX Supershort - The hunting optic with the largest range

A milestone of precision and versatility and brightness. Discover the new Nighteagle V8 DDoptics 2.5-20x56 Supershort hunting riflescope - a masterpiece of German-Japanese cooperation that combines the strengths of our renowned NFX riflescopes and DDMP series. Developed for demanding hunters who do not accept compromises.

What does V8 mean in a target optic and what does it stand for at DDoptics?

In the designation "V8" of a rifle scope, the "V" stands for the magnification range, also known as "zoom" in English. The number "8" represents the factor 8. This specifically means that the highest magnification setting of the rifle scope is eight times the lowest magnification setting. In simpler words, the final magnification is eight times the initial magnification.
This marking is crucial as it directly indicates the versatility and possible uses of the optics. A larger zoom range, like the V8, significantly expands the usability of the target optics. It allows hunters and sport shooters to adapt flexibly to different distances and hunting situations, from close range to distant targets.
However, a larger zoom range also brings with it certain technical challenges. Compared to rifle scopes with a smaller zoom factor, such as V4 or V6, a V8 rifle scope requires a more complex technical design. This can affect both the price and certain aspects of quality. With its 2.5-20x56, DDoptics has managed to exploit the technical features to the fullest while keeping the purchase price to a minimum. In short, a V8 rifle scope from DDoptics stands for maximum flexibility and versatility, whereby hunters and sport shooters can rely on highly developed optical technology that was specifically designed for demanding hunting and shooting conditions.

Advanced optics for unsurpassed clarity - Extremely high resolution for an image of perfection

The DDoptics V8 rifle scope 2.5-20x56 Supershort redefines optical brilliance. With an extremely high resolution, the optics deliver a razor-sharp image right to the edge that is unparalleled in its clarity and level of detail. Every millimeter of the field of view is precise and clearly defined, so no details are lost, no matter how demanding the hunting situation.

Brilliant color reproduction and contrasts

The optical masterpiece of the V8 Supershort is also reflected in the brilliant display of colors and contrasts. This vibrant and true-to-life color reproduction is instrumental in making objects stand out clearly in any environment. The contrast strength supports fast and accurate response, even under difficult lighting conditions.

Exceptional image brightness – even at night

The image brightness of the DDoptics V8 rifle scope is impressive and remains unsurpassed even at dusk or at night. This allows hunters to spend longer in the hide and increases the chances of successfully getting a shot even when daylight is fading. Optimized light transmission ensures a bright and clear image, even under the most demanding lighting conditions.

Low-scatter optics for a clear view in backlight

A feature of rifle scopes that is often unfairly neglected is the scattered light behavior. The DDoptics V8 rifle scope was specifically designed to effectively minimize stray light. This is particularly important when there is backlighting. Where competing products often only provide a blurry image, the 2.5-20x56 enables a clear, unimpaired viewing experience without annoying reflections and light reflections. This feature makes it an indispensable tool for hunters who want to target precisely and safely even under the most difficult backlight conditions.

Precision & extensive adjustment options

When developing the Nighteagle V8 DDoptics 2.5-20x56 Supershort riflescope, particular attention was paid to precision and extensive adjustment options. A key aspect of this rifle scope is its sophisticated reticle adjustment.
The adjustment towers are made of metal, which stands for robustness and longevity. To improve handling, these towers have been significantly enlarged, allowing precise and reliable adjustment even under difficult conditions or with gloves. A special feature of the reticle adjustment is the zero stop and the double turn function. The Zerostop allows the user to quickly and easily reset the adjustment to a predefined zero position, which is particularly advantageous in stressful hunting situations. Doubleturn means that the tower has two different colored scales, with the yellow one continuing the white scale in the next revolution. This allows the towers to be adjusted by 20 Mrad without having to do any complicated rethinking (simply keep counting on the yellow scale). The precision of the adjustment is reflected in the extremely cleanly defined clicks. Each click corresponds to an adjustment of 0.1 MRAD, which allows very precise fine adjustment. The subdivision on the tower is designed so that 10 clicks equals one MRAD, and a full revolution of the tower covers 10 MRAD. This clear and intuitive division makes it easier to quickly and accurately adapt to different distances.
The exceptional flexibility of this target optic is also reflected in its adjustment range. The shooter can adjust the reticle adjustment by up to 3 rounds of the turret. This results in an impressive total adjustment range of 30 MRAD, which corresponds to 100 MOA or 300 clicks. This extensive adjustment range makes the DDoptics 2.5-20x56 V8 a true long range riflescope. It enables extremely long shots with a precision that is often not found in conventional hunting rifle scopes.


Advanced options with parallax compensation

The rifle scope is characterized by an extremely wide parallax compensation that can be adjusted down to 10 m. This enables perfect focusing of attachments or eyepiece solutions at any magnification setting. This becomes particularly interesting when using thermal imaging attachments with high-quality screens, as up to 20x magnification can be easily achieved.


Ideal for demanding hunting scenarios

With the 2.5-20x56 V8 NFX, hunters get a versatile, powerful tool that works in a wide range of conditions — from bright daylight to the dead of night — offers outstanding image quality and precision. It is the perfect choice for hunters who do not want to compromise on the quality of their equipment and want to be fully equipped for both traditional and technologically assisted hunting methods .


Perfect combination with night vision and thermal imaging accessories

Despite its outstanding standalone performance, the 2.5-20x56 V8 NFX is also perfect for use with night vision or thermal imaging accessories. Its compact design ensures that the combination with such accessories is not excessively long and therefore enables comfortable handling.

Diopter adjustment: -3 to +3
Type of optics: Rifle scope
Enlargement: 2,5-20
Weight in grams: 890
Lens diameter lens in mm: 56
Field of view at 100 m (in m): 16 - 2
Interpupillary distance in mm: 72-93
Reticle: New reticle 4
Luminescent point II: yes
Reticle focal plane: 2nd focal plane
Reticle adjustment / click: 0.1 MRAD
Max. adjustment range: 30 MRAD
Parallax compensation: 10-1000-unendlich
Center tube diameter in mm: 34
ASV zero stop: yes
Lens diameter outside in mm: 65
Total length in mm: 330

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