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DDoptics rifle scope Nighteagle V6 5-30x50 long range | MRAD | MilDot

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Product information "DDoptics rifle scope | Nighteagle V6 5-30x50 | long range | MRAD | MilDot"
  • CT glass (clear transmission)
  • Zero stop (for zero stop)
  • Double turn (double scaling)
  • Horizontal adjustment with opposite scales (wind left - right)
  • very high resolution
  • MRAD adjustment 1 cm at 100 m
  • Accessories: 1x flip caps, cleaning cloth, DDoptics chip, targets, scopes instructions, ballistics set

Rifle scope with quick adjustment & zero stop

On the vertical adjustment, a double scale allows you to read and set the number of click adjustments made. After sighting in, the reticle adjustment can be "zeroed" by loosening the turret's safety catch with a coin or a screwdriver. The zero setting is then countered from below using the zero stop in order to achieve a stop at the zero position. Starting from the zero position, different shooting distances can be preset using a marking system.

Horizontal adjustment with opposing scales

The lateral adjustment is labeled with two counter-rotating scales. Starting from the setting zero, the wind direction and wind force, or a possible movement of the target can be preset here.

Tactical Mildot illuminated reticle on the 2nd focal plane

The Nighteagle V6 5-30x50 Tactical rifle scope has a Mildot reticle standardized to 10x magnification in the eyepiece focal plane (2nd focal plane), so it always remains the same size when changing magnification. Even at 30x magnification, the crosshairs only cover the target by 1.8 mm at a shooting distance of 100 m and the field of view is still 1.1 m at 100 m at this maximum magnification. The scopes allow lightning-fast sighting. The reticle moves by 0.1 MRAD per click, i.e. by 1 cm at 100 m. At 300 m, this corresponds to a change in the point of impact of around 3 cm per click.

Total adjustment range:
165 clicks - 16.5 MRAD (8.25 MRAD per page)

The best red dot for backlight / twilight / night vision technology

The glass fiber red dot (also available in the automatic IFiber version for an additional charge) is kept so small that the target is only covered as little as possible. Thanks to the glass fiber technology, the illuminated dot of the rifle scope not only becomes darker when dimmed more, but also finer. The illuminated dot can be continuously dimmed by 100% until it can no longer be seen with the human eye. Below level 4, the illuminated dot can only be seen with a night vision device. On request, the illuminated dot can be adapted to the use of night vision devices such as Photonis commercial-grade XD4 or XR5 or Gen. 3. When the illuminated dot is switched off, the continuous reticle looks like a rifle scope without an illuminated unit and is not interrupted by an annoying, free-standing dot. When the illuminated dot is activated, neither annoying lights nor reflections within the optics disturb. Since the lighting unit is produced by hand, special customer requests can be taken into account individually.

Interpupillary distance and diopter adjustment

The eye relief is 89 mm, which also ensures the use of stronger calibers. Only three quarters of a turn is required for the entire magnification range. The dioptre adjustment (-3 to +3) can be easily adjusted at the rubberized end of the eyepiece by means of a ribbed adjustment.

The parallax compensation

Already from 25 m, a razor-sharp and fatigue-free image is guaranteed for all magnification settings and corrects the marksman's error caused by oblique viewing.

Virtually indestructible scope

The nitrogen filling of the Nighteagle V6 5-30x50 Tactical rifle scope ensures water resistance (0.3 kg/cm²) and protects against internal fogging. The scope tube (diameter: 30 mm, length: 348 mm), which is made of duralumin (70%), brass (20%) and steel (10%), is also unaffected by rough use. The thickness of the outer wall is over 1 mm. The shock resistance is 1000 G or 6500 joules. The scopes remain fully functional even at extreme temperatures (+80 °C to min. -20 °C).

Weight in grams: 742
Diopter adjustment: -3 to +3
Enlargement: 5-30x
Twilight number: 15-38,7
Type of optics: Rifle scope
Generation: 3
Compensation: HDX III
Lens diameter lens in mm: 50
Exit pupil in mm: 9,79-1,62
Field of view at 100 m (in m): 7,2-1,1
Interpupillary distance in mm: 90.5-91.5
Reticle: MilDot
Luminescent point II: yes
Reticle focal plane: 2nd focal plane
Reticle adjustment / click: 0.1 MRAD
Reticle adjustment (scaling): double
Max. adjustment range: 16,6 MRAD
Parallax compensation: 20-500-infinity
Surface: fine black
Center tube diameter in mm: 30
ASV zero stop: yes
Lens diameter outside in mm: 58
Eyepiece diameter in mm: 39,5
Total length in mm: 345

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