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DDoptics rifle scope Nighteagle V6 2.5-16x42 Gen3 | MRAD | A4N

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Product information "DDoptics rifle scope | Nighteagle V6 2.5-16x42 | Gen3 | MRAD | A4N"
  • More than 6x zoom with small 42mm lens
  • 14 m-2.5 m field of view - auto. luminous dot
  • perfect for use at night with attachment
  • Reticle adjustment metal towers (no plastic)
  • CT (Clear Transmission) glass (low dispersion)
  • double scaling (double turn)
  • Zero stop for ASV (zero stop)
  • hard, tactical 0.1 MRAD click detent (1 cm/click)
  • new, minimalist reticle A4N
  • powerful parallax compensation with a close range of 10 m
  • Accessories: 1x flip caps, cleaning cloth, DDoptics chip, targets, scopes instructions, ballistics set

Which red dot is installed in this rifle scope?

A manual glass fiber red dot is installed in our V6 2.5-16x42 rifle scope as standard.

The DDoptics V6 2.5-16x42 Generation III rifle scope is made of robust aluminum alloy, is shockproof and free of plastic parts. All aluminum parts have a non-glossy "fine black" anodizing coating. The optics shine with high-performance CT glass (Clear Transmission), which guarantees a bright and clear view, so that even with 16x magnification, a high-contrast, parallax-free and color-true image with outstanding edge sharpness properties and excellent transmission can be guaranteed. With a field of view of 14 m or 2.5 m (at 2.5x or 16x magnification), the optics are suitable for any hunting use.

With its large adjustment and magnification range, the "V6 2.5-16x42" rifle scope offers important advantages:

On the one hand, the 16x magnification allows a safe shot to be fired even over long distances during the day. The large adjustment range of the reticle adjustment enables the precise presetting of shooting distances. On the other hand, high magnifications can also be achieved during night hunting in combination with an NSG and WBK attachment (observe legal regulations) thanks to the parallax compensation with its oversized adjustment range. The parallax compensation specially designed for this application (close-up range 10 m) is able - even with higher magnifications - to compensate for image blurring caused by the NSG and WBK attachments, which does not work with telescopic sights with weaker or no parallax compensation. In times of high wild boar populations, the rifle scope is therefore predestined for nightly hide hunting with a special permit.

High quality equipment

The rifle scope is equipped with a wafer-thin illuminated reticle A4N (2nd focal plane), which only minimally covers the target. In poor light conditions or at night, the non-reflecting, red fiber optic light point provides support, which can be dimmed precisely and steplessly and is optionally available with an intelligent automatic on / off switch (IFiber™).

Reticle quick adjustment

The V6 2.5-16x42 has a quick reticle adjustment (ASV). The metal towers for height and windage adjustment are completely waterproof. The ASV has a double scaling (Doubleturn) and a zero stop (Zerostop), so that different shooting distances can be set depending on the wind direction and wind speed or a possible movement of the target. The reticle is adjusted by 0.1 MRAD (milliradian) per click. This corresponds to 1 cm over 100 m. The click adjustment is absolutely precise and repeatable.

Total adjustment range

One turn of the adjustment turret corresponds to 10 MRAD. (100 cm at 100 m)
The total adjustment range is 26 MRAD. (260 cm at 100 m)
This corresponds to an adjustment range of 2600 cm at 1000 m.

Diopter adjustment: -3 to +3
Enlargement: 2,5-16x
Twilight number: 9,17-25,92
Weight in grams: 608
Type of optics: Rifle scope
Generation: 3
Compensation: HDX III
Lens diameter lens in mm: 42
Exit pupil in mm: 10,7-2,6
Field of view at 100 m (in m): 14-2,5
Interpupillary distance in mm: 86-100
Reticle: New reticle 4
Luminescent point II: yes
Reticle focal plane: 2nd focal plane
Reticle adjustment / click: 0.1 MRAD
Reticle adjustment (scaling): double
Max. adjustment range: 26 MRAD
Parallax compensation: 10-500-infinity
Surface: fine black
Center tube diameter in mm: 30
ASV zero stop: yes
Lens diameter outside in mm: 50
Eyepiece diameter in mm: 40
Total length in mm: 357

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