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DDoptics rifle scope Nighteagle V6 1-6x24 Gen3 | A4N | MRAD

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Product information "DDoptics rifle scope | Nighteagle V6 1-6x24 | Gen3 | A4N | MRAD"
  • Reissue of our first 1-6x24
  • more field of view - better insight - autom. luminous dot
  • less marginal area in view
  • Reticle adjustment metal towers (no plastic)
  • CT (Clear Transmission) glass (low dispersion)
  • double scaling (double turn)
  • Zero stop for ASV (zero stop)
  • hard, tactical 0.1 MRAD click detent (1 cm/click)
  • minimalist new reticle 4 (A4N)
  • Accessories: 1x flip caps, cleaning cloth, DDoptics chip, targets, scopes instructions, ballistics set

Which red dot is installed in this rifle scope?

A manual fiber optic red dot is installed in our V6 1-6x24 rifle scope as standard.

Like all rifle scopes of the 3rd generation

the V6 1-6x24 also has typical equipment features. In addition to improved optics (better coating & CT glass), the view can be better centered and types of glass with improved transmission properties are used. The new, waterproof metal towers with hard 0.1 MRAD click adjustment including zero stop are particularly striking.

New features

What's new about the latest generation rifle scopes?
At first glance, 3 changes immediately catch the eye:
1. The magnification adjustment ring has been noticeably changed and now provides more grip thanks to its coarser structure.
2. Reticle 4 has become significantly finer and creates more space in the middle.
3. The reticle adjustment is made of metal, is more clearly defined and has double turn and zero stop.

New Reticle 4 for minimal target coverage

Looking through the new Generation III rifle scopes, the viewer immediately recognizes the practical design:
The reticle in the 4N reticle is much finer and the originally slightly thicker outer bars are only half as thick and are significantly further apart. A great advantage, especially for the hunter in poor light conditions, as the target is only minimally covered and thus a lightning-fast and safe aim is optimally supported.

The 4N illuminated reticle is located in the eyepiece focal plane (2nd focal plane) and thus always remains the same size when changing magnification. No tools are required to adjust the reticle. The scope has a tactical 0.1 MRAD adjustment, i. H. the reticle is adjusted by 0.1 MRAD per click, i.e. by 1 cm at 100 m. For users in Europe, this means simple use in the decimal system. The click adjustment works with absolute repeatability and can be reset to zero after zeroing (in case several loads are used).

Total adjustment range:
484 clicks - 48.4 MRAD (24.2 MRAD per page))

Recommended use:

An extremely wide field of view of almost 40 m, a 6x zoom for comfortable sighting even at longer distances are the outstanding features of the scope V6 1-6x24 HDX for IPSC, drive hunts and deer stalking. A non-reflecting and excellently perceptible glass fiber red dot gives the hunter a high level of security when aiming quickly and taking a quick shot. Unreservedly recommended for all IPSC Rifle disciplines.

Robust adjustment mechanism for demanding use

The reticle adjustment turrets of the DDoptics Generation III scopes are made of a robust aluminum alloy and are free of all plastic parts. All aluminum parts are finished with the new non-glossy DDoptics "fine-black" anodizing coating. The adjustment mechanism was changed to the tactical version, i. H. it is not only very shockproof and completely waterproof, but also hard-running and thus protected against unintentional adjustment. This means that the reticle adjustment can also be used "open" in everyday hunting, i.e. without a screw cap, in order to be able to quickly adjust the reticle depending on the situation.

Reticle quick adjustment with zero stop

The number of click adjustments made can be read and adjusted accordingly on a double scale (double turn) on the height adjustment tower. After sighting in, the reticle adjustment can be "zeroed". The zero stop ring is then turned as far as it will go. The zero setting is then countered from below using the zero stop ring in order to achieve a stop at the zero position. Starting from the zero position, assuming knowledge of the load, different shooting distances can be preset using a marking system. The windage adjustment turret is labeled with two opposing scales. Starting from the setting zero, the reticle can be preset here depending on the wind direction and wind speed or any movement of the target.

High-performance optics with improved contrast | CT glass

The DDoptics Generation III rifle scopes use high-performance CT glass (Clear Transmission) with our proven DDlucid coating. The advantage of the newly used type of glass is a significantly improved contrast behavior and the reduction of color fringes. However, the transmission to the Generation II rifle scopes could be increased slightly. Both generations are already at the upper limit of what is currently technically feasible.

Diopter adjustment: -3 to +3
Enlargement: 1-6x
Twilight number: 4,89-12
Weight in grams: 496
Type of optics: Rifle scope
Generation: 3
Compensation: HDX III
Lens diameter lens in mm: 24
Exit pupil in mm: 11,4-4
Field of view at 100 m (in m): 37,8-6,3
Interpupillary distance in mm: 99-100
Reticle: New reticle 4
Luminescent point II: yes
Reticle focal plane: 2nd focal plane
Reticle adjustment / click: 0.1 MRAD
Reticle adjustment (scaling): double
Max. adjustment range: 48,4 MRAD
Parallax compensation: yes
Surface: fine black
Center tube diameter in mm: 30
ASV zero stop: yes
Lens diameter outside in mm: 30
Eyepiece diameter in mm: 43
Total length in mm: 261

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