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DDoptics rifle scope Nighteagle V4 2.5-10x56 Gen2 | MOA | A4

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Product information "DDoptics rifle scope | Nighteagle V4 2.5-10x56 | Gen2 | MOA | A4"
  • Reticle adjustment: 1/4 click
  • absolute repeatability
  • Extreme light transmission up to 94.7%
  • IFiber Control available
  • Firing resistance test: 375 H&H Magnum with over 1000 rounds
  • continuously adjustable parallax compensation
  • reticle 4
  • Gen. II will continue to be produced despite existing Gen. III
  • Accessories: 1x flip caps, cleaning cloth, DDoptics chip, targets, rifle scope instructions

The V4 2.5-10x56 Gen. 2 rifle scope for hunting and hide hunting.

One of the brightest rifle scopes, even beyond its price range. Engineered in Germany, made in Japan and finally assembled in Germany.

Which red dot is installed in this rifle scope?

Best dimmable light dot on the market (also available with IFiber Automatic) Thanks to the glass fiber technology, the illuminated dot not only becomes darker when dimmed more, but also finer. The illuminated dot is infinitely dimmable from backlight suitability to night vision device mode.

Night vision mode

Below level 4, the illuminated dot is only visible with a night vision device. This enables the use of additional devices without the red dot reducing the performance of the night vision device or causing burns.

Advantages of reticle with fiber optic red dot
The light is only in the glass fiber strand and can therefore not lead to unwanted side and fade effects. The red dot is extremely small (lowest possible target coverage) With strong dimming, the illuminated dot not only becomes darker but also finer, since the light is concentrated on the center of the fiber optic cable. At full power, the light is directed from the light source to the center of the reticle with almost no loss. The illuminated dot fiber optic cable is fully illuminated and therefore suitable for daylight and backlighting.

High-quality reticle with illuminated dot on the 2nd focal plane

The reticle 4 is located in the eyepiece focal plane (2nd focal plane) and thus always remains the same size when changing magnification. No tools are required to adjust the reticle. The reticle is adjusted by 0.25 minutes of angle (MOA: minute of angle) per click, i.e. by 7.3 mm at 100 m. The click adjustment works with absolute repeatability and can be reset to zero after zeroing (in the event that several loads are used).

Total adjustment range:
355 clicks - 88.75 MOA (44.37 MOA per side)

The side-mounted, continuously adjustable parallax compensation (20 yards to infinity) protects against oblique viewing and also ensures a razor-sharp and fatigue-free image at all magnification settings and can also be used to measure distances.

Uncompromising and powerful

The Nighteagle V4 2.5-10x56 rifle scope is the result of a development whose goal was to create an effective and bright rifle scope for poor lighting conditions and for use in twilight and at night. In combination with the robust workmanship and a top format illuminated dot that is suitable for night vision devices and backlighting, the Nighteagle V4 2.5-10x56 rifle scope is the perfect universal rifle scope for precise shots at night.

Light transmission with peak values ​​for hide hunting and night hunting

The non-reflecting optics offer an extremely bright, high-contrast and true-color image with outstanding edge sharpness properties. Because of the minimal proportion of stray light, even backlight is not a problem. The light transmission has peak values ​​of 94.7% (day) and 93% (night), which allow reliable activation until the last light of the rifle.

Application recommendation

This target optic was developed for the night hide, so everything that is not needed at night was omitted. The magnification has been limited to 10x and therefore ensures better lateral viewing. The parallax compensation can be used to correct sharpness when using a night vision device (hunting abroad).

Diopter adjustment: -3 to +3
Enlargement: 2,5-10x
Twilight number: 11,8-23,7
Weight in grams: 715
Type of optics: Rifle scope
Generation: 2
Compensation: HDX II
Lens diameter lens in mm: 56
Exit pupil in mm: 16,3-5,6
Field of view at 100 m (in m): 12,6-3,4
Interpupillary distance in mm: 102-103
Reticle: Reticle 4
Luminescent point II: yes
Reticle focal plane: 2nd focal plane
Reticle adjustment / click: 1/4 MOA
Reticle adjustment (scaling): simply
Max. adjustment range: 88,74 MOA
Parallax compensation: 20-500-infinity
Surface: fine black
Center tube diameter in mm: 30
ASV zero stop: no
Lens diameter outside in mm: 65
Eyepiece diameter in mm: 43
Total length in mm: 350

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Customer evaluation for "DDoptics rifle scope | Nighteagle V4 2.5-10x56 | Gen2 | MOA | A4"
18 Jul 2016

Alles bestens !!!!!

Hab das ZF schon 5 Jahre auf meiner BBF und bin hoch zufrieden ; )

Fazit Empfehlenswert !!!!!!

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