Conotech | Aquila 650LIIR | Thermal imaging device

Conotech Aquila 650LIIR Thermal imaging device

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Product information "Conotech | Aquila 650LIIR | Thermal imaging device"

At the forefront of technological advances in thermal imaging is the Conotech Aquila 650LIIR, equipped with a high-resolution display and a sensitive thermal sensor that makes even the subtlest temperature differences visible. The device features an OLED display (or similar advanced display technology) with a resolution that ensures sharp and clear images to optimize performance under various observation conditions. The sensor's resolution, specifically designed to provide detailed and precise thermal imaging, supports the identification and analysis of heat sources with exceptional clarity.

High-resolution display: Improves the visual experience by providing clear and detailed thermal images, essential for precise identification and analysis.

Sensitive thermal sensor: Allows detection of subtle temperature differences, ensuring reliable observation under various environmental conditions.

Quick charge function: Allows you to charge the battery up to 90% in just one hour, minimizing waiting times and quickly getting the device ready for use again.

Dual Power System: Provides flexible power supply through the combination of built-in and external battery, allowing for extended operating time. The battery compartment can also serve as a separate charger.

LIIR technology: The patented LIIR technology ensures superior precision and reliability in target tracking through the perfect alignment of the laser and infrared axes.

One-handed operation and comfort for glasses wearers: Designed for intuitive operation with just one hand and with special consideration for glasses wearers.

Rugged Design: The device is built to last and withstand the elements, making it ideal for use in harsh conditions.

The Conotech Aquila 650LIIR represents the pinnacle of thermal imaging technology, with a combination of advanced features and ease of use making it an excellent choice for a variety of applications. Its ability to deliver clear and precise images even in difficult conditions makes it an essential tool for professionals and enthusiasts alike.

Model Aquila 325 Aquila 335 Aquila 3D 19/38 Aquila 3D 25/50 Aquila 350LIIR Aquila 635 Aquila 6D 19/38 Aquila 6D 25/50 Aqulia 650LIIR
Main Characteristics
Detector Uncooled Vox
Resolution 384x288
Frame rate 50HZ
Pixel 12μm
Spectral range 8-14μm
Optical Characteristics
Objective lens 25mm 35mm 19mm/38mm 25mm/50mm 50mm 35mm 19mm/38mm 25mm/50mm 50mm
Magnification 2.4x 3.3x 1.8x-3.7x 2.4x-4.8x 4.8x 1.9x 1.0x-2.0x 1.4x-2.7x 2.7x
FOV(H×V), m @100m 18.4×13.8 13×9.9 12.1×9.1 / 24.3×18.2 9.2×6.9 / 18.4×13.8 9.2×6.9 22×17.5 20.2×16.2 / 40.4×32.3 30.7×24.6 / 15.35×12.3 15.35 ×12.3
Close-up range 2m
Dioptre adjustment ±5D
Smooth zoom 2.4x-10x 3.3x-13.8x 1.8x-7.5x / 3.7x-15.4x 2.4x-10x / 4.8x-20x 4.8x-20x 1.9x-10x 1.0x-5.2x / 2.0x-10.4x 1.4x-7.3x / 2.7x-14x 2.7x-14x
Palettes 8
Audio recording YES
Firmware update via APP YES
Photo/Video YES
Resolution 1024x768
External video WIFI
Built-in memory 32GB
Power Supply
Battery Dual Battery
External power supply 5V USB-C
Operating time (at t=22°C) 10h
Physical Characteristics
(without external battery)
≤540g ≤540g ≤570g ≤600g ≤560g ≤540g ≤570g ≤600g ≤560g
Dimension ≤φ61x179mm ≤φ61x179mm ≤φ61x205mm ≤φ61x205mm ≤φ61x193mm ≤φ61x179mm ≤φ61x205mm ≤φ61x205mm ≤φ61x193mm
Environmental Compatibility
Ingress protection rating IP67
Operating temperature 30
Storage temperature 30
Laser Rangefinder (Only available in Aquila 350LIIR and 650LIIR)
Safety class for laser
equipment according to
IEC 60825-1:2014
/ 1 / 1
Measuring range / 5-1200m / 5-1200m
Measurement accuracy / ± 1m / ± 1m

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