ThermTec thermal imaging device Cyclops350 V2 2022 model

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Product information "ThermTec thermal imaging device | Cyclops350 V2 | 2022 model"

The Cyclops350 V2 by ThermTec is a thermal imaging camera of the new generation with unique advantages and performance: The new, energy-saving 12 µm VOX sensor is installed in the device. This allows game to be detected at a distance of up to more than 2500 m and recognized at a distance of over 1100 m. The highly sensitive VOX thermal imaging detector enables good images at a great distance even in bad weather conditions. The integrated lens (50 mm optics) can be focussed manually and makes the images appear sharp and rich in contrast. The integrated battery has sufficient capacity to enable 12 hours of operation. The fact that the screen is switched off (automatically or manually) also proves to be an advantage for this reason. The battery can be charged flexibly via USB-C in the car or at any USB interface or with a USB power bank.

V3 sensor with 3D noise reduction and NETD value of ≤40mK

The Cyclops350 V2 has a new V3 12µm sensor with 3D noise reduction and a NETD value of ≤40mk@300k for use in adverse weather conditions. This includes a higher sensitivity to heat and more contrasting object images, which ensures better detail and image representation even in higher humidity, fog or rain. With a low NETD value of ≤40mK, even smaller differences can be resolved. This is particularly helpful in the summer heat when the temperature differences between wildlife and the surrounding area are significantly smaller, or to keep the image quality stable in higher humidity.

Extensive image settings

In order to better meet the different needs of users for visual experience, the new Cyclops350 V2 camera provides sensor brightness, contrast, sharpness, anti-noise in 10 levels each, display brightness in 5 levels and three display backlight color ( grey, blue and purple).
6 color palettes - any color palette you don't need can be disabled in the quick menu. The user can have 2,3,4,5 or 6 color palettes in the quick menu and is not forced to scroll through all the color palettes that are not needed!
2 additional modes: object mode and background mode - there has hardly been so much flexibility in the settings before!

AI Object Detection, AI Distance Measurement & Notification

The AI ​​distance measurement - based on the deep learning algorithm - can automatically identify up to 6 animals and people and display the estimated distance directly during operation.
AI notification via app. You will be notified immediately when an object enters the camera's field of view, with a notification on your device and a hint with the estimated distance and whether it is a human or an animal. You can also set whether this notification should be made with an acoustic signal, vibration or silently.

HD OLED display with 1024x768px

The OLED microdisplays are high-resolution, miniaturized displays with typical pixel densities > 1200 dpi. The high pixel density cannot be seen with the naked eye, so magnifying optics are always necessary. In contrast to modulating LCD or LCOS technologies, the OLED microdisplays are self-luminous with contrast ratios of more than 10,000:1 and function reliably even at extremely low temperatures (-30°C).

2-way WiFi

The 2-way WiF function not only enables the user to control or display in the app (by connecting the thermal imager to a smartphone or tablet via WLAN), but also maintains the existing Internet connection of the end devices via 4G / 5G / LTE, so that you can share the live image or images/videos recorded via the device with other users or friends in real time.

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